Do I Need a Pad for My Rug?

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Do I Need a Pad for My Rug?

We are often asked by our clients, “Do I really need a pad to go under my rug?”  There is no clear-cut answer to this question; it often boils down to personal tastes and preference.  However, there are times when a pad really is necessary.  We’ve prepared the following report to assist you in making a wise choice:

Rug pads are beneficial in many ways. They are also available in many different styles and materials (including rubber, felt, self stick), and from very thin, non-skid only to thick, comfort pads.  Here are a few reasons to consider using a rug pad for your area rug:

  1. Especially important with runners, pads provide slip resistant underlayment.
  2. Rug pads can make your room quieter and warmer – decreasing sound while increasing thermal insulation.
  3. Pads help prevent wrinkling and buckling, important for two main reasons: wrinkling/buckling causes premature wear on your rug, and it can present a tripping hazard for yourself or your guests.
  4. Pads provide extra comfort underfoot, a more luxurious “feel”.
  5. Pads help promote airflow, helpful for two main reasons: airflow helps vacuuming be more efficient, and it will help our rug “breathe” better, reducing moisture being trapped, especially rugs with a latex backing.
  6. Rug pads provide extra protection for your hard surface flooring.
  7. Pads protect against dye bleed or crocking of dye onto the surface under your rug, be it vinyl, hardwood, or carpeting.

When choosing the right type of rug pad, you should consider a few things first:

  1. Where will the rug be? On hardwood? On another carpet? On Cement?
  2. How thick is my rug?
  3. How thick should the rug pad be? Experts say that the rule of thumb for selecting padding is that the area rug should be no more than one-eighth to one-quarter inch from the floor.
  4. What are the main reasons for getting a rug pad? Non-slip? Comfort?
  5. How do I cut the rug pad to the correct size?

Pinnacle Eco Clean carries four types of rug pads that cover a wide range of uses.

  1. Nomuv™ (Thick Purple Pad. Recommended for most types of rugs). Recommended for used with plush rugs that are placed on a hard surface such as wood or tile or on carpeting.
  2. Teebaud ™ (Non-skid underlay for both hard floors and carpet). The fluffy Teebaud underlay cushions rugs to prevent fiber damage and allows continuous airflow to prevent unwanted moisture and mildew buildup. “Self-stick” pad for smaller rugs.
  3. Padlock™ (Most economical pad available. Recommended for rugs placed on hard floors) Locks rugs to hard surfaces, washable with warm soap and water, easy to cut to fit any rug.
  4. Securenet™ (Natural rubber, Non-slip, Breathable) keeps area rugs locked to hard floors Provides soft pillows of rubber and a comfortable cushion that holds rug tight to the floor. Cushion protects rug and provides comfort. Excellent for all traffic situations. Open grid design lets rug “breathe” Trims easily with household scissors

Make high-quality cushion a high priority in your home. It’s a must-have for extra carpet life and comfort. When you purchase your area rug, or when you bring it to get professionally cleaned, ask your cleaner about rug pad options for you. They will be able to get you the precise sizes you need to enhance your rug’s comfort and to extend its value and usefulness. If you have made even a modest investment in an oriental style or modern area rug, you will be pleasantly surprised at what a simple rug pad can do for your home, your carpet and your comfort!

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