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When you need Oriental Rug Cleaning or Area Rug Cleaning, it’s important to use a carpet cleaning company you can have total confidence in. Here’s why you can trust Pinnacle with your new and antique rugs:

Oriental Rug Cleaning & Area Rug Cleaningin Pittsford, Victor, Brighton, Fairport, Monroe County, Rochester, NY, and the Surrounding Areas

Learn Our Area Rug Cleaning and Oriental Rug Cleaning Process:

1. Oriental Rug Cleaning & Area Rug Cleaning Pre-Inspection

We carefully inspect your rug prior to cleaning. Pre-existing conditions can be noted.  Is there moth damage?  What is the condition of the side cording?  Are there pet-related issues?

This step will help us determine what cleaning method we will use. We use professional cleaning solutions, procedures, and equipment to prevent problems such as dye bleeding or browning.

Our method will be matched to the needs of your rug.  Your rug will be tagged so we don’t forget it’s yours!  We will also take pictures of your rug to document its appearance prior to cleaning.

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Carpet Cleaning Machine in Monroe County, NY
2. Oriental & Area Rug Dusting

You may remember your grandmother hanging her rug on a fence and using a rug beater to dust her rugs. Approximately 79% of soiling in rugs is dry particulate matter that can be removed before the rug is cleaned.  

Our tumble duster mimics this action by gently tumbling your rugs to loosen and remove embedded soil, including sand, dust and pet hair. 

This step of dusting is extremely important- we can remove this matter before your rug is washed; this is the “stuff” that would turn into mud when your rug is washed! 

This particulate matter is also very abrasive and can shorten the life of your rug, acting like sandpaper every time you walk on it!

3. Oriental Rug & Area Rug Cleaning

Your rug will then be professionally cleaned.  The method used will be determined by the results of our pre-inspection.  Where possible, the BEST way to clean Oriental rugs is with a full immersion wash process, such as with our 1,200 gallon wash tub.

It’s like a “spa day” for your rug!  The entire structure of your woven treasure can be refreshed using this system.  We like to say there are “three sides” to your rug- the top side, the bottom side, and the INside.  Immersion washing your rug ensures that your textile is thoroughly clean.

This is NOT a “knock the dirt off the top” of your rug cleaning service!  A surface only cleaning can actually promote problems such as dry rot and premature wear.

Carpet Cleaning Machine in Monroe County, NY
Carpet Cleaning Machine in Monroe County, NY
4. Area Rug & Oriental Rug Extraction

The water in your rug will be extracted with our centrifuge. Remember the old “tilt-a-whirl” rides at the amusement park, where you were held in place by centrifugal force?

The same principle applies here; your rug is held in place while the tube spins at 950 rpm.  This greatly aids in removing not only the water but residual odors too.

While the rug is spinning, we can do an extra rinse through your rug to ensure it’s very clean!

5. Drying after Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning

After extraction, we will groom your rug in the direction of its pile so it looks it’s very best.  Your rug will then be placed in our climate-controlled dry room.

It’s amazing that this allows us to dry a rug overnight- even though it was full immersion washed the day before!

Fast-drying actually results in a better-looking and feeling rug.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Process in Pittsford, NY
Oriental Rug Cleaning Worker in Shop in Pittsford, NY
6. Post Area Rug & Oriental Rug Cleaning Inspection

After drying, we will check your rug:  Are there still odor issues? Does it feel stiff?  Is the fringe still a bit soiled?  If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions and others, we will wash your rug all over again to “get it right”! 

Small extra details are routinely addressed.  We may need to correct a small color issue, as the adjacent picture depicts.  There may be some “sprouts” or pilling that can be trimmed. 

There is an old saying in the industry that “the fringe is the smile of the rug.”  We want to make sure that your rug has a healthy “smile.” 

First impressions are important!

7. Post Rug Cleaning Treatments

After your rug is fully cleaned, we can optionally give it further “spa treatments” such as a protective finish (we highly recommend Fiber Protector, the world’s most advanced environmentally safe protection system), or the application of a moth resist product.

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8. Oriental Rug & Area Rug Delivery or Pickup

Once clean and dry, your rug is ready for delivery.  Or, if you are able, you can “lug your rug” to our shop for a discount!

Video #1 of our rug cleaning process introduces you to our service and shows a portion of a pre-inspection taking place at our rug washing studio in Rochester

Video #2 of our rug washing process demonstrates the importance of dry soil removal BEFORE your rug is washed.

Video #3 shows us washing a rug, removing built up soiling that occurs in a rug with years of use.

Video #4 of our rug washing process shows hour our Centri-MAXX centrifuge safely and efficiently removes excess water from your rug

Video #5: In this video we discuss finishing the rug and optional treatments that can be applied to the rug.

Video #6 wraps up our rug cleaning process sequence of videos.  Thanks for watching!  Be sure to write down any questions you may have for us.

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