The three most important words when it comes to odors in your home or facility are:


Sources of odors in a dwelling are generally limited to two areas: surfaces and spaces. For example, you could spray a gallon of a very effective deodorizer into the air, but if the carpeting has pet stains and odor, the bad odor will eventually return to your nose! The reverse is true, a carpet could be completely deodorized; however, the bad smell may still linger due to the odors that may be in the duct work, on painted surfaces, and even in an area such as inside your cabinetry.

We have been able to help hundreds of our clients in the Rochester area with odors in their home or facility. In the case of odors in yoru carpeting, sometimes all that is required is a basic carpet cleaning, coupled with out professional deodorization product. If the odor is deeper in your carpeting, we may elect to pour a deodorizer into the carpeting, mimicking a spill or pet accident, and use our specialized vacuum plate (“water claw”) to extract the solution.

In the case of air space, we can employ the use of “fogging” the air, ozone generators, or essential oil cabinets to neutralize negative odors in the structure.

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