Carpet and Upholstery Spot Removal and Stain Removal Services In Pittsford, Rochester, Victor, Fairport, Brighton, NY, and the Surrounding Areas

Conquer Stubborn Stains!

It might be upsetting to have unsightly stains or smudges on your favorite chair or sofa, rug or carpet, but knowing the proper carpet and upholstery spot removal techniques will save your furniture’s well-kept appearance. Some upholstery fabrics are more delicate than others and require quick actions to prevent permanent upholstery stains. Pinnacle Eco Clean has the answers.

Learn from Kevin about Carpet Spot Removal

We are often asked what type of product to use when spot cleaning your carpeting. You may have noticed that the dime-sized spot you cleaned with a store-bought product seems to grow in size! Why is this? Often the reason is that the spot cleaning product itself attracted soil from foot traffic, thus making the area larger in appearance. Traditional soaps are sticky in nature and need to be rinsed; in addition, products containing orange oil can leave a soil-attracting residue.

Unlike other Carpet Cleaning Spotters

Please take a moment to view the accompanying video, in which we explain the merits of our Hit the Spot Green carpet spotter. It is environmentally friendly and doesn’t leave a soil attracting residue like many other carpet cleaning spotters.

Pinnacle Eco Clean has over 100 years of collective experience providing professional upholstery cleaning services to residents in Rochester, Pittsford, Victor, Fairport, Brighton, NY, and the surrounding areas. As an IICRC-certified company, we have the expertise and cleaning solutions to provide the ultimate upholstery spot removal services.

Upholstery Spot Removal Techniques

You’ll likely need to spot-clean an upholstered item if you spill something. Quickly soaking up the liquid using a clean cloth and the blotting technique is critical to prevent deep-set stains.

Sometimes people use home remedies for upholstery spot removals, like white vinegar, mild laundry detergent, or hydrogen peroxide. However, upholstered furniture consists of many natural fabrics like cotton and silk or synthetic ones like polyester and nylon. Manufacturers also commonly blend fabrics to create unique textiles that require special cleaning solutions and innovative techniques for effective upholstery stain removal.

Blue Stained Carpet Before & After Carpet Cleaning in Brighton, NY

Upholstery Stain Removal and Protection

As a top family-owned upholstery cleaning company, Pinnacle Eco Clean recommends applying fabric protectors to upholstered items to prevent stains from forming. We specialize in two premium upholstery stain protectors in Rochester, NY, and nearby communities:

  • Scotchgard™: This popular upholstery protector offers excellent stain resistance without creating harmful environmental byproducts.
  • Fiber Protector™: Fiber Protector has advanced technology that provides some of the best fabric protection against stains and fading from the sun’s UV rays.

Transform your Upholstery with Professional Cleaning!

The best way to eliminate upholstery stains and maintain your furniture lies with Pinnacle Eco Clean’s professional upholstery cleaning services. Our knowledgeable crew can effectively remove spots without damaging synthetic, natural, or hybrid fabrics with our specialty upholstery spot removal products, equipment, and techniques.

If your couches and armchairs don’t have noticeable stains, you can perform a basic test to determine their cleanliness. Simply wrap a thin, clean cloth over the mouth of a vacuum hose and run it on a small section of your chair. The vacuum will suck up dirt and debris onto the fabric for you to see.

Trust Pinnacle Eco Clean to revive your furniture by deep cleaning or spot cleaning upholstery. Contact us for a free estimate in Rochester, Victor, Pittsford, Fairport, Brighton, NY, and the surrounding areas today.