Safe Solutions

At Pinnacle Eco Clean, we pride ourselves on using eco-friendly carpet cleaning products. We prefer to use the term “eco-friendly” over “green” because “green” seems to be used as a marketing ploy all too often these days.

Our primary cleaning agents are safe for people and pets. Many products we use are actually plant-based, while others use safer solvents that are orange-oil based. Rinsing your carpet with a clear water rinse leaves your carpet as residue-free as possible.

Waste Water Policy

In addition to these safe products, we have a strict waste water policy. Some carpet cleaners pump their waste water on your lawn or will empty their tank on the side of the road, going straight into a storm sewer. Our policy at Pinnacle Eco Clean is to always dispose of our waste water into a sanitary sewer, so it will go through a proper treatment facility. MSD (Material Safety Data) Sheets are always available for your inspection.