We Buy Old Rugs!

If you have an old Oriental rug that you no longer need, we can help!

Look at the pictures on this page- is your rug worn? Does it have holes? Is the fringe missing?

Your rug may still have value, whether it is in good or poor condition! We work with industry professionals who are looking for old rugs- even fragments or pieces of rugs may be attractive to the right buyer.

EXACTLY what are we looking for?

Mostly, rugs that we are speaking about fall into two categories – Antique Rugs and Vintage Rugs:

Antique Rugs

What is an "antique" in the world of Oriental rugs?

An antique rug is a hand made rug that is at least 80 years old. Often, we expect that these rugs may have issues, such as wear, holes, moth damage and the like.

Vintage Rugs

A “vintage” rug generally falls in the range of 30-80 years old.

Rugs that are “vintage” rugs are usually more subjective in nature- the buyer may actually desire an evenly worn rug for a so-called “boho” look, rugs that in the past may have been discarded. As the saying goes, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder!” A rug that may appear to have no value to most people may have some value to the “right” person. Call us today for a free consultation!


"What Is My Rug Worth?"

Often, you may not want to sell your rug, but would like to know its value. We can provide you with a professional rug appraisal. This is very helpful for insurance or donation purposes.

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