Kitchen Construction Needing Air Duct Cleaning in Rochester, NY

Air Duct Cleaning After Remodeling and Post Construction Air Duct Cleaning In Fairport, Brighton, Rochester, NY, and the Surrounding Areas

Start Fresh – Breathe Fresh.

When you do home remodeling, you are able to have a fresh new room or area of your Fairport, Brighton, Rochester, or surrounding area home.

It might be a clean new kitchen or an updated master bathroom. One thing that happens with a remodeling project is that a lot of dust, dirt and other pollutants are released into the air, affecting your indoor air quality.

Doing a post-construction air duct cleaning can make a world of difference in your health, and our team at Pinnacle Eco Clean has been doing these air duct cleanings for more than 30 years.

Call us and bring in the experts at improving your indoor air quality after your home remodeling project.

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The Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning Homes After Remodeling

In your normal life, there are things that get blown around your home, including pollen, pet dander, odors from cooking, and many other things.

When you add in a home remodeling project, the amount of contaminants in the air goes up dramatically.

These contaminants can negatively affect your health and cause you to have sneezing fits, headaches, low energy, and other symptoms.

A post-construction air duct cleaning will remove the dust, hair, dirt, and all of the other things that got stirred up with a remodeling project.

When you have our team do an air duct cleaning after your remodeling project, we can show you visual differences between before and after photos from inside your air ducts.

And if it’s been several years since you have last had your air ducts cleaned, or if you have never had them cleaned, the debris floating around your indoor air will get markedly worse and you will be blowing this all around your newly remodeled home.

Air Duct Cleaning for Post Construction Dust Removal

When you invest in your home with a remodeling project, you do so with the intention of having a nicer, cleaner space. This intent should extend to your air ducts as well, which will be much dirtier after a remodeling project in Fairport, Brighton, Rochester, or the surrounding area.

When you do a home remodel project be sure to contact Pinnacle Eco Clean to schedule our technicians come to and perform an air duct cleaning after the remodel is done.

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