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Do You Have Dirty or Dusty Ducts?

When it comes to air duct cleaning services in Monroe County, NY, you want to deal with an air duct cleaning company that has years of experience. The team at Pinnacle Eco Clean has been serving clients since 1980, meaning that they have satisfied clients all over the region. We will bring all the tools to clean out your air ducts so that you can breathe easier and not have to worry about the different allergens that might be lurking in your ducts. Call us today to schedule your air duct cleaning for your home.

Duct Cleaning Services for Monroe County Residents

Get Cleaner Air Ducts, Cleaner Dryer Vents, and a Healthier Home

As the weather gets colder, we spend more time indoors and have any dust, dirt, allergens, and other contaminants getting blown all over our homes. This can make breathing more difficult and cause family members to sneeze more due to irritants in the air. When you have your air ducts cleaned you will notice that your air smells fresher as well. Along with the dirt and dust, your ducts harbor bacteria and can spread those smells along with others throughout your home.

Not only that but with cleaner ducts from an air duct cleaning you will be helping your HVAC system from being overworked trying to force air through dirty ductwork. You will prolong the life of your system as well as enjoy reduced energy costs from a more efficient system. Your home will also be cleaner since the dust and dirt are no longer being blown around the home.

Monroe County Air Duct Cleaning Company

Along with duct cleaning services, Pinnacle Eco Clean also offers dryer vent cleaning to keep your dryer working properly. Dryer vents that are clogged with lint can cause a fire, so it’s important to keep them clean. It will also help keep your dryer working efficiently. When you are ready to make your Monroe County, NY, home cleaner and healthier, contact us to schedule your air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning.

When counties were established in the Province of New York in 1683, the present Monroe County was part of Albany County. This was an enormous county, including the northern part of New York State as well as all of the present State of Vermont and, in theory, extending westward to the Pacific Ocean. In 1789, Ontario County was split off from Montgomery. Genesee County was created by a splitting of Ontario County in 1802. Monroe County was formed from parts of Genesee and Ontario counties in 1821.


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