Floor Cleaning in Brighton, Fairport, Monroe County, Pittsford, Rochester, Victor, and Surrounding Areas

Before and After Floor Cleaning in Brighton

You know that you should get your carpets cleaned periodically, but what about the other floors in your Brighton, Fairport, Monroe County, Pittsford, Rochester, Victor, or surrounding area home? Tile floors in your kitchen and bathrooms, vinyl flooring, linoleum, and other floor surfaces can all be cleaned by Pinnacle Eco Clean. It’s hard to notice the subtle changes to your floors over the years, but the dirt and grime build-up and make your floors look grungy and old. Bring them back to life with a professional floor cleaning and make your home feel new again.

Tile and Grout Floor Cleaning

The cleaning products that Pinnacle Eco Clean uses are safe for people as well as pets. Before any cleaning of the tiles themselves or the grout, it is important that all of the dirt and dry items get swept up and disposed of. At that point, the full cleaning will happen, often with a mechanical rotating brush to get all of the surfaces of the tiles. Hand cleaning the grout lines will be the other deep cleaning step. Once those steps are complete, a full rinsing of the floor with clean water is in order. Once the full cleaning is done, it may be important to also seal the grout lines to prevent them from decaying too quickly.

Don’t Leave Out Vinyl Flooring

Just like for tile, it is very important to make sure that the floor is free of loose dirt and other items. Nearly the same approach with tiles can be done with vinyl flooring. When cleaning vinyl flooring you will likely notice a significant difference between the parts that are cleaned and the parts that are not yet done. Even just a few years of wear can make vinyl flooring look dull and dingy, but a good professional cleaning will have your floors looking new again.

Why Have a Professional Floor Cleaning

When you installed your new flooring, you spent good money to get just what you wanted. With this investment you want it to last a long time, but you also want it to look good. Getting floor cleaning for the different rooms in your Brighton, Fairport, Monroe County, Pittsford, Rochester, Victor, and surrounding area home will help extend the life of the floors and keep your home healthy as any bacteria and germs will be cleaned up as well. Call Pinnacle Eco Clean today to schedule your floor cleaning and improve the look of your home.

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