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The city of Rochester has a very wonderful history created through the experiences and livelihood of men who were the original inhabitants of the land. Rochester is now a city that promotes the arts, sciences and culture making it a place for integration and interactivity of human creativity and lifestyle. In the past, Rochester was the largest manufacturer of flour in the US. Flourishing from the flour industry, the city is now home to countless art exhibits, performances and festivals which are visited by a large number of tourists each year.

Rochester is located close to an array of impressive natural phenomena like Lake Ontario which is why many have flocked and took the chance of business that are focused on people entertainment such as amusement parks, museums, and much more. Rochester is also near the Genesee River that flows through the city, and in the winter months, there are trails that offer cross-country skiing and other snow related sports and activities.

Highland Park is famous in the Rochester area for it is a unique and magnificent creation of man and nature itself. The park boasts its gorgeous landscaping which stretches across 150 acres of rolling hills and picturesque valleys. The park is riddled with different kinds of flowers and plants that are artistically arranged and maintained by passionate and hardworking citizens of the city.

Another premiere place to be in Rochester is “The Strong – National Museum of Play” which is mainly 150,000 square feet of exhibit space dedicated to presenting toys and hobbies to the visitors such as board games, dolls, video games, books and more. The museum also owns a century-old carousel, New York’s only indoor butterfly garden, exhibits on Bernstein Bears, Sesame Street, Monopoly, the Wizard of Oz, and numerous others. The Strong Museum of Play, is indeed one of the most wonderful places for children and adults alike and is probably one of the best museums in the world.

These are just 2 among the countless places that you are sure to enjoy in Rochester. Let us look at some of its best restaurants and food alleys as food is one of the most important keys of society to a person’s heart.

Good Luck is a famous restaurant and popular nightspot that serves original American fare. Good Luck’s place, which is a converted warehouse space full of shabby-chic, rustic appeal, attracts a hip, discerning crowd, and its gourmet sharing plates are definitely a great attractor for local diners. The restaurant offers a variety of good old American grub such as sausages, hotdogs, ribs, and many more. Another main attraction of this restaurant is its signature beverages and cocktails that are sure to go down smoothly with your meal.

Well-known also in the city of Rochester is Tony D’s lively Italian eatery, especially famous for its delicious coal-fired pizzas and Italian cuisine specialties. This restaurant is situated in the prime location overlooking the Genesee River in the city’s historic Corn Hill neighborhood. Tony D’s dining room features an open kitchen where diners can have a taste of the restaurant’s signature pizzas together with classic margaritas and other cocktails that are uniquely brewed and served for the customer’s satisfaction.

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Kathy in Rochester
Kathy in Rochester
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