Oriental Rug Cleaning Buffalo, NY

Have you been looking far and wide for a company that can provide professional oriental rug cleaning services in the Buffalo area? If so, your search is over. We here at Pinnacle Eco Clean  are a brand that is committed to getting your fine rugs  clean and spotless!

When you are looking for a company that has competent technicians, we are the ones for you. That’s because our staff members have plenty of experience in the rug cleaning field. We know what it takes to get fine rugs cleaned like no one else in the Queen City. Aside from being highly trained, our technicians are all very dependable and reliable. When you hire our services, you can count on our technicians surpassing all of your expectations.

Other than our one-of-a-kind staff members, we are also a sought out company for fine rug cleaning because of the equipment we use to get the job done. Unlike many other companies that use lackluster machinery, we use only the finest equipment available. These pieces of equipment are known for getting the best results and they are all safe for you to be exposed to. Your rugs are in great hands when you hire us at Pinnacle Eco Clean.

Are you tired of dealing with fine rug cleaning businesses that can’t get the job done right? If so, contact us at Pinnacle Eco Clean. When you call us, we will be able to schedule your very first appointment. Don’t waste any more time wishing for the best. Instead, get in touch with us to achieve it.

What Can You Expect When You Select Pinnacle to Care for Your Fine Area and Oriental Rugs?

Oriental Rug Cleaning in Pittsford, NY
Informed decisions for better results.

We will carefully inspect your rug prior to cleaning in order to determine what cleaning method to use. We use professional rug cleaning agents to prevent or control potential problems such as dye bleeding or browning.

Machine on Rug for Oriental Rug Cleaning in Fairport, NY
The Rug Badger removes harmful, hidden dust.

Approximately 79% of soiling in rugs is dry particulate matter that can be removed before the rug is cleaned. A well-vacuumed rug may still hold a dustpan-full of dry soil that comes out when dusted. We are one of the only rug cleaners in Buffalo NY equipped with the Badger carpet duster. This advanced equipment allows us to remove this damaging dry soil which will significantly prolonging the life of your investment. We also offer rug dusting as a stand-alone maintenance service for your rugs that may not need a complete cleaning.

Machine on Rug for Oriental Rug Cleaning in Fairport, NY
Fringe to fringe, and every stain and odor in between.

The method we use (wet or dry) will be determined by the results of our pre-inspection, with special attention given to cleaning the fringe. For those with concerns over pet stains and/or odors, we have been very successful in removing or neutralizing these problems in woven and tufted rugs.

Machine for Floor Cleaning in Brighton, NY
Advanced technology for superior drying.
We will groom your rug to ensure the pile lays in the proper direction and the fibers are soft and lustrous. We will then re-inspect your rug for any lingering spots and re-clean as necessary. At this point, we recommend application of a protective finish to keep your rug cleaner longer. Finally, we will dry your rug.We are proud to be the first—and only—company in the Buffalo area to own the CENTRI-MAXX® Centrifugal Rug Wringer. This machine extracts more than 95% of the water in your rug—so much that the rug wouldn’t even drip if we were to hang it. And since the CENTRI-MAXX spins without agitation, it’s safe for even the more delicate rugs.The benefits of using this state-of-the-art machine are two-fold:1. When more water is extracted, more soil and odor are extracted with it, resulting in a “cleaner” clean and a fresher smell. 2. Your rug will dry incredibly quickly, greatly reducing the likelihood of problems such as dye bleeding.Please contact us if you would like to learn more about this advanced technology.
Pinnacle Eco Clean Drivers for Floor Cleaning in Brighton, NY
Back to you, just like new.

Your rugs can be delivered to your home or office at no extra charge, but we do offer a discount if you deliver and pick-up your rugs yourself. In order to conserve the use of natural resources, we normally do not wrap rugs for delivery. However, we will wrap your rugs upon request (i.e. for moving or storage) at no extra charge.