Air Duct Cleaning in Brighton, Fairport, Monroe County, Pittsford, Rochester, Victor, and Surrounding Areas

Ducts After Air Duct Cleaning in Brighton

Have you noticed a musty smell in your home whenever the furnace kicks in, or that you are sneezing more than usual when you are at home? Odds are that your Brighton, Fairport, Monroe County, Pittsford, Rochester, Victor, and surrounding area home could use an air duct cleaning from the pros at Pinnacle Eco Cleaning. It is recommended that a home should have an air duct cleaning every three to five years to ensure that ducts don’t have a build-up of dust and other allergens. Don’t wait another day to have Pinnacle Eco Clean come to clean your air ducts, call them today.

Tools of the Trade for Air Duct Cleaning

There are several important tools that are used for air duct cleaning. The first tool that is used is a small camera system. This is used to get an idea of the amount of dust, dirt, and other contaminants that are in the ductwork. This is also used after the cleaning is done to verify the difference in the ducts to the homeowners. Lots of people might wonder if their ducts are dirty or if cleaning really makes a difference, and the before and after images are very useful to answer those questions.

The other tools are all used in combination during an air duct cleaning. A powerful vacuum is what is used to remove all of the dirt and dust. Along with that vacuum are agitation tools that help to break up and clean the duct walls, as well as brushes and other tools to help get all areas of the ducts as well as the vents throughout the home clean.

The Air Duct Cleaning Process

When the technicians from Pinnacle Eco Clean come to clean the home’s air ducts, they will first do a pre-work inspection of your ducts and vents. This is when they will formulate a plan for cleaning, but they will also take those important images and videos of your ducts to show you the insides. They will then do the cleaning itself, using the vacuum to generate negative pressure to remove the contaminants. Finally, they will do a post-cleaning inspection and again take images and video of the now cleaned ducts to show you the difference.

Don’t let your air ducts harbor allergens that will affect your breathing and overall general health. Contact Pinnacle Eco Clean to have them perform an air duct cleaning on your Brighton, Fairport, Monroe County, Pittsford, Rochester, Victor, and surrounding area home, and breathe easier.

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