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Carpet Cleaning Companies in Rochester NY – Steam Cleaning Process

Most carpet cleaning companies know that the “steam cleaning” method doesn’t actually involve any steam in the  carpet cleaning process, besides the steam that might be visible from the use of very hot water. When the heated water comes in contact with the carpet fibers temperatures can range anywhere from 100-200 degrees. The higher the temperature the more effective the cleaning.

The cleaning process usually involves applying an alkaline preconditioner, followed by light agitation using a grooming brush and proper dwell time. After the preconditionaer has had time to dwell, the carpet is passed over using a cleaning tool (either manual or automatic) to thoroughly rinse out the pre-conditioner from the fibers, lowering the pH of your fibers to a neutral state. Then the surface is dried quickly to help prevent future mold growth or wicking.

Many carpet cleaning companies use hot water extraction machines also referred to as truck mount machines which vary from standard portable machines, which use electricity to heat the water and power the water pump and vacuum motors, to larger truck mounted machines. Professional carpet cleaning truck mounted equipment typically use a stationary gas engine or PTO powered machines installed in a van or truck. While portable machines are able to access more difficult to reach buildings and higher story floors, truck mounted equipment have more power to heat the water and recover much more water, resulting in much faster drying times. DIY and rental machines have much less power and result in much longer drying times, sometimes even days. These machines are not usually recommended. One thing to keep in mind is that carpet cleaning prices will vary from different providers, so remember that cheap is not always the best option as you get what you pay for.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Before attempting to remove a spot or stain using a store bought product, be sure to test it out in a hidden area of carpeting, for example inside a closet. This is to make sure that the product doesn’t burn the carpet or bleach the color. Steam cleaning can difficult if not done correctly. You may want to contact the manufacturer of your carpeting to ask about certain cleaning recommendations. IF you end up taking on the job yourself instead of contacting an experienced carpet cleaning company, be aware that you could void the manufacturer’s  warranty.