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Carpet Cleaning Services in Rochester, NY

Most carpet cleaning experts say that one of the best things you can do at home to maintain your carpeting and keep it clean while extending its life is regular vacuuming. In truth, most professional carpet cleaning services would recommend vacuuming three times a week or more, and daily for high-traffic areas.

Also important is the quality or brand of your vacuum which makes a big difference when it comes to wear and tear. An upright vac will do  the very best job of removing deep-down dirt and soil, but a high quality canister vac with a beater-bar will work as well. Whatever model you pick, you want to make sure the motor is strong enough to create good enough suction to pull up all of the dirt, sand, and debris that is embedded deep down within the carpet fibers. If your vac has a beater bar, make sure to keep the brushes completely free of lint, fuzz, and hair. Also important is to check the suction hose to make sure there are no blockages. Be sure to check the bag and change it frequently to keep good air flow and suction.

Most residential and commercial carpet cleaning services would agree that besides regular vacuuming, the very best way to keep your carpeting clean and prevent wear and tear is to keep a welcome mat outside of the exterior doors, and rugs around the inside to catch any leftover dirt to keep it from going any further into the home. Finally, if possible have a rule for everyone to remove their shoes after they enter into the home.

But what are you supposed to do when someone spills a drink on the living room carpet? Most carpet theses days are made with factory applied stain protections. So this means you can usually use a modest amount of water with a few drops of vinegar or club soda to spot clean. Be sure to use a clean white cloth to gently blot up the spot until it is no longer visible.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when attempting to spot-clean is scrub the carpet and use too much water or cleaning product. Scrubbing is aggressive and can destroy the carpet fibers. Too much water will soak through the carpet and get into the padding, which can result in mildew along with a stinky smell.

Sooner or later you will need to have your carpet cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning service. If you think it may be out of your budget to hire a carpet or rug cleaning service, be aware that most do-it-yourself carpet cleaning machines typically leave way too much water in your carpeting due to the weaker suction compared to truck mounted machines. This can lead to your carpeting being saturated for extended periods of time, possible days. Another issue is most of these rental machines use a cleaning solution that is not properly rinsed from the fibers, which leaves a sticky residue behind to attract soil. If you do decide to try cleaning your own carpet, be sure to read the direction and detergent labels thoroughly and test any spot cleaners in an inconspicuous area.


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