Pinnacle Spotlight SPRING 2024

Rug Videos

Our rug videos were specifically created to answer the most common questions we receive about area rugs and their care. Please take a moment to watch the videos and then remember to bookmark the page for future reference!

Pet Urine and Rugs Video

Pet Urine And Rugs

Accidents Happens. Even the most well trained pet can have an accident in the home due to any number of different causes. If you own area rugs and pets, it’s important to understand the four ways

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How Often Should I Clean My Rugs

How Often Should I Clean My Wool Rugs?

How often should I clean my wool rugs? To answer that let’s look at what abrasive dirt really is and how it affects your rugs. This is a magnified image of sandpaper. You can easily see the sharp edges that act

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